Athletics / Golf Academy

Aberdeen Hall Golf Academy

Aberdeen Hall is proud to be building a tradition of sporting excellence. The Aberdeen Hall Golf Academy was founded in 2015/2016. In the Golf Academy, students train during the season or year round with award winning CPGA instructor Clay Stothers. Students will develop a passion for active living and giving back to the community by increasing their knowledge and skills in the sport of golf through the AHGA. Participants in the programme will be expected to play golf outside of school time, be positive representatives of Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School and themselves. They will be encouraged to work and volunteer at local facilities, be involved in the organization of tournaments, and assist younger or more inexperienced players. Please note entrance into the AHGA is based on an in-person assessment with the student & family and is geared towards students who wish to develop their skills to a high performance level. Should students wish to play at a recreational level, they are welcome to join Aberdeen Hall Junior Golf Club or Senior Golf Team. 

Year Round Academy Includes:

- Private golf instruction

- 30 week on course group training sessions 

- Tournament planning

-  Membership at The Okanagan Golf Club 

- Unlimited use of the practice facility at The Okanagan Golf Club 

- Shot data tracking, use of the state of the art ball flight technology 

- Mental coaching, course management strategy, equipment assessment

- Personalized team golf bag, team golf shirts and hat

Cost is $3400.00

***Year Round Academy includes instruction from September through August***

Seasonal Academy Includes:

The same as above in terms of instruction but only runs Fall/Summer.

Cost is $2800.00

***Seasonal Academy includes instruction from September-October and April-August***

Learn More About Clay Stothers, CPGA

Personally, it has been a perfect match working with Aberdeen Hall. The core values that Aberdeen Hall instills into their students goes hand in hand with golf. The biggest satisfaction I receive in coaching is the relationships that I have been able to build with the students and the process of working with each student to reach their goals. I continualy receive compliments from our membership at The Okanagan Golf Club when they have played with a student from the AHGA. AHGA has been a great addition to our club.

Clay Stothers, CPGA                                               

Director of Instruction              

PGA of BC Teacher of the Year, 2014