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Gryphon Annual Fund 

  • Student Profile
  • Student Profile: Matthew's Story 

    Last year, Matthew, a Grade 9 Aberdeen Hall student, entered the Okanagan Science Fair. He further developed a concept he had worked on two years earlier called a Wi-Fi signal extender. His project transformed his static system into a dynamic one that could track a signal and automatically adjust its position to strengthen the wireless connection. 

    He was in Grade 9!...

    This year Matthew is starting all over again developing a new project. His interest is now focused on environmental science and technology and we can’t wait to see what he produces.

    Matthew is just one example amongst hundreds of students excelling at Aberdeen Hall. By providing our students with an enriched and innovative environment, we ignite their passion for learning.

    At Aberdeen Hall we select our faculty based on personality, talent, and most importantly, a passion for teaching. Enthusiastic teaching makes for enthusiastic learning. With your support, we are able to provide the tools, resources and facilities required to engage students in 21st century learning and best prepare them for the future.

    Our student body is a collection of unique and critical thinkers from diverse backgrounds. The result is a dynamic learning environment with a great deal of individualized programming and personal learning.

    Our Financial Assistance Program allows the school to welcome additional exceptional students into our community. This elevates the classroom dynamics and enhances our school culture for all students.

    Aberdeen Hall has developed a reputation as an excellent institution and your continued generosity will foster further growth and development. With your support, we have been able to provide your children with the very best learning opportunities. All gifts have a direct and beneficial impact on the students' learning. Please consider joining us in supporting the school’s Gryphon Annual Fund.

    Donate to Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School (Preschool - Grade 6)
    Donate to Senior School Society
    Gryphon Annual Fund
  • Head's Discretion
  • Head's Discretion

    This fund provides the Head of School and his leadership team discretionary resources to continue their proven track record of enhancing curriculum and identifying and providing opportunities as they arise. 

    Gryphon Annual Fund
  • Scholarships & Bursaries
  • Scholarships and Bursaries 

    • Supporting scholarships and bursaries allows Aberdeen Hall to provide an education without financial barriers.
    • Participating students come from diverse backgrounds and bring strong academic and community involvement to the school.
    • This year Aberdeen Hall offered 86 amazing students some level of financial assistance. 
    Gryphon Annual Fund
  • Programmes
  • Specialty Programmes

    The development of new and leading-edge programmes is vital to our students’ success at Aberdeen Hall and beyond.  

    Examples of our specialty programmes include:

    • Robotics and Coding
    • Music Composition
    • Advanced Placement, University Courses
    • Engineering Design
    Gryphon Annual Fund
  • Resource-Rich Classrooms
  • Resource-Rich Classrooms 

    • Having the best resources allows teachers to be both flexible in their approach and exacting in their aim.
    • Active student engagement and hands-on learning enables children to fully express their passions.
    Gryphon Annual Fund