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Gryphon Annual Fund 

  • Phase V

  • This year money raised through the Gryphon Annual Fund will go towards the Phase V Capital Campaign - the building of our new facilities.

    Construction of the 11,000 square feet of exciting new school facilities is on schedule to be open for students September, 2018. While construction has already begun, we still require the support of all of our families to ensure the new build continues the school’s tradition of top-tier facilities.  

    Aberdeen Hall has grown from a vision to a first-class and highly-regarded school – in both programmes and facilities – in an incredibly short time. We have been able to grow so well for one reason: the involvement and support of our families That spirit of support and belief in the school’s vision has led to Aberdeen Hall already having raised over $1.1 million, 67% of our $1.7 million for the Phase V campaign goal. We still have $600,000 to raise to reach our goal but are confident that our community will rise to the challenge.

    The new construction will benefit each and every student for many years to come. The design builds on our tradition of facilities that inspire students academically, address the needs for future readiness in education and foster a genuine feeling of community. As well, Phase V extends our history of imaginative architecture, supporting both breadth and excellence of programmes.

    Each year, we ask our community to support Aberdeen Hall through the Annual Fund, and we designate areas of our school to which the money raised will be directed. This year, the primary target will be Phase V.  When we undertake a project of this size, we ask our families to consider making a gift beyond what they might otherwise consider for the Annual Fund. Phase V is a validation and an extension of everything we have achieved as a community thus far, a powerful investment in the future of the school, and of the Okanagan.

    Please join us by showing your support. Giving is easy. For those interested you can make an online gift below or please contact Sean Ayers, Director of Development, to discuss all the options for giving.

    Please contact Sean Ayers, Director of Development for inquiries about how you can support the Phase V Capital Campaign or if you have any questions. You can also click here to learn more

    Phase V is more than just a few additional classrooms. This expansion is about community, creativity, and discovery.

    Grant Ozechowsky

    Donate to Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School (Preschool - Grade 6)
    Donate to Senior School Society
    Gryphon Annual Fund
  • Head's Discretion
  • Head's Discretion

    This fund provides the Head of School and his leadership team discretionary resources to continue their proven track record of enhancing curriculum and identifying and providing opportunities as they arise. 

    Gryphon Annual Fund
  • Scholarships & Bursaries
  • Scholarships and Bursaries 

    A diverse student body is a healthy student body.

    Our Scholarship and Bursary programme keeps our school accessible to a selection of excellent students from diverse backgrounds who would otherwise be unable to afford the complete cost of tuition.

    We are very proud that last year 86 amazing students were able to attend Aberdeen Hall because of the over $500,000 in financial assistance.

    Together, we create a vibrant and caring culture that makes Aberdeen Hall truly unique. 

    Choosing to donate to the Scholarship and Bursary programme is a generous and altruistic gesture, enriching the community for everyone.

     Aberdeen Hall's financial assistance has enabled our children to be part a strong academic program in a caring and compassionate environment. We are grateful to be part of such mutually enriching experience.

    Gryphon Annual Fund