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Leadership & Opportunity

In the Junior School we have council representatives from Grade 3 to Grade 5. These members are voted in by their classmates and serve for a term. They meet every Tuesday at lunch time with a member of staff to discuss the following week’s events, promote our Character Counts Programme and plan new events. The members then visit their buddy classes and their own class and present. This year the Student Council presented the Remembrance Day Assembly; supported the Winter Bake Sale by organizing a junior craft activity making festive candy cane mice to raise money for the Children’s Hospital; supervised lunch hour games for the younger students, created team cheers and organized our first year end school dance. The council also served as representatives of the student body, they discussed ideas and suggestions brought forth by the student population.

Both senior and junior committees assisted with promoting our Outreach Program. Once again the students of Aberdeen Hall supported a number of organized causes to help both our community and the world to be a better place for everyone. Organizations included Cancer Research Institute (Terry Fox Run), Shoreline Clean up, Gospel Mission (Toonies for Turkeys), Kelowna Food Bank (Halloween for Hunger), S.H.A.R.E. (Toy & Clothing Drive), Anti-Bullying (Pink Shirt Day), UBCO Nurses International Exchange, Heart and Stroke Foundation (Jump Rope for Heart) and the United Way (Plane Pull) and many more. 

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