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Spirit-of-Service is Live and Well - "Thank you"

Spirit-of-Service is Live and Well -

Aberdeen Hall's spirit-of-service is incredible! It is amazing how our community has been able to create such a tremendously positive atmosphere.

In 20+ years of working at independent schools, the "12 Days of Cheer" is one of the most powerful volunteer initiatives that I have ever seen.  For the third year in a row, approximately 30 parent volunteers have organized morning treats for over 90 faculty and staff.

This volunteer effort is second to none.  Over the past two and half weeks, volunteers have arrived every school day well before 8AM and provided items such as fresh fruit, pastries, chocolate, bagels, cream cheese, crumpets and hot apple cider. Today there was even bacon bits, and we know that it rarely get's better than that! 

One of my best morning meetings last week was spent discreetly working candy cane bark out of my molars!  

With the minimal amount of daylight at this time of year, this generous act of kindness brings tremendous positive energy to the building, and more importantly, the people in the building. Positive teachers make for positive students, and positive students make for positive parents.

During the final week of classes, I would meet up with teachers in the lower parking lot before school and the ensuing conversation during the walk up the stairs would revolve around what treats were waiting at the Loft Café. The anticipation was palpable and we were never let down! The generosity and kindness received by the faculty and staff is then passed on the students, and we see the students passing it on to one another. It is a very positive cycle.  

Our teachers and staff are very grateful and have written notes of appreciation on the Loft Café Chalkboard.

There have been a wide range of amazing volunteer efforts this year. An experienced teacher who recently started at Aberdeen Hall mentioned to me moments ago: "this school has the most amazing parents."

To all of our wonderful parents, we wish you a festive holiday season and happy new year.

With gratitude,

Chris Grieve

Head of School

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