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The Dream is Happening, we Invite you to Join the Team.

The Dream is Happening, we Invite you to Join the Team.

Thank you to our awesome Director of Athletics Mr. Gareau and his wife, Junior School Resource Teacher, Mrs. Gareau for not only donating personally to the campaign for the Athletics and Wellness Centre but for taking their support one step further with the "Team 2021" tee-shirt initiative. In a letter to Aberdeen Hall Staff, Mr. and Mrs. Gareau write:

Dear Aberdeen Hall, 

I want to thank each and every one of you for making this a wonderful place to work and for making Aberdeen Hall the success it is today. Aberdeen Hall is the people that walk the hallways, the people that work diligently every day and the people that share a smile and a laugh that make this one of the best schools in the province. As many of you know, I am very excited to announce that we have officially entered into the fundraising phase for our new Athletics and Wellness Centre. 

Once built this will become the center of school spirit; from provincial championship games to heartfelt speeches and presentations. A place to hone skills through hours of training and practice, and a place that will simultaneously hold both fond memories of the past and visions for the future. For those of us lucky enough to have started our time here at Aberdeen Hall at the old rented school on Acland Road, we will never forget the big move up the hill to our current campus and the unfolding of history as we have seen each phase of the school built and the success it has brought along the way. From our first real classrooms to our first orange jerseys - it has been amazing journey (even though we still have the same portable I taught in 12 years ago). 

To make this dream a reality it has taken money and will continue to do so. I want to encourage you to follow Jessica and I and make a donation. It is not the amount that matters it is the act of giving towards our common goal. The amount could be $10 or $10,000. it doesn’t matter at all. 

To show our appreciation, every employee of Aberdeen Hall that donates a minimum of $25 towards the new gym, the heart of our school, will receive a “TEAM 2021” t-shirt as a small token of thanks for helping us reach our goal. The dream is happening, we invite you to join the team. 


John and Jessica Gareau

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