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Completing the Curriculum Online or On Campus - Good News Coming

Completing the Curriculum Online or On Campus - Good News Coming

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Firstly, I would like to sincerely thank you again for working so well with us through this challenging time. I have been reminded yet again what an amazing community we have at Aberdeen Hall and have appreciated all of your emails and feedback.   

In the next few days, we are anticipating announcements from the government that will loosen some of the restrictions in the province and could include schools. 

The Board of Directors and School Administration have been meeting regularly to review all considerations regarding the end of this year, and plans for 2020-2021. Additionally, the school has begun to plan for a potential partial re-opening of the physical campus.

May - June

We are working closely with the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Health Officer to determine the possibility of resuming on-campus classes in late May or early June. The government retains the authority to make this decision and the news you see on television is similar to what we receive. At this point, no dates have been mentioned, and the government is strategically using a “wait and see” strategy by carefully observing other provinces (Quebec) and countries (New Zealand, who just resumed K-5 classes, and Singapore who have also commenced classes). The government's goal is to use actual data, combined with close anecdotal research to make their decisions. We expect advice to come from Dr. Bonnie Henry, and Rob Fleming, the Minister of Education in the next few days.  

Safe Return to School  

Some of our faculty and staff have started returning to campus, and this will likely increase in coming days. We are also working closely with our provincial and national independent school associations to create safe and best practice Re-Entry Contact Control Policies and Procedures for both our students and employees. Our provincial association, the ISABC, is in the process of hiring an Occupational Health Consultant which will work with public health and the Board of Education to assist us with our policies. We will then work with Interior Health to customize this safe-entry program for Aberdeen Hall. 

Online Learning will continue - Parents and students will have a choice 

If we commence on-campus classes this year, we are also planning to continue the Online Learning for families that are unable, or choose to remain at home. However, it may be slightly modified.   

Parents, I welcome your thoughts regarding sending your children back to school in May or June if the government allows. Please don't hesitate to contact me at

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Chris Grieve

Head of School

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