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High 9-12 / Creative Arts, Applied Skills & Technology / Visual Arts

Visual Arts Program

Visual Arts teaches students to perceive, respond and create visual art in both two dimensions and three dimensions. Students will learn image and design strategies, visual elements and principles of Art, and to utilize different mediums and techniques.

  1. Visual Arts 6
  2. Visual Arts 7
  3. Visual Arts 8
  4. Junior Visual Arts
  5. Grade 9 students earn credits for Visual Arts 9
  6. Grade 10 students earn credits for Visual Arts 10 (VAG10)
  7. Senior Visual Arts (Grade 11 & 12)
  8. Art Foundations 11 (AF11)
  9. Art Foundations 12 AF12

Studio Arts:

Studio Arts courses will utilise the new Design Studio space and will provide students with the opportunity to explore new technology in an individualised program. These courses will be inquiry-based and will incorporate the principles of Design Thinking. Units of study may include 2D graphic design and publishing, 3D design and animation, Web publishing, digital photography, in addition to traditional visual art projects.

  • Studio Arts 6
  • Studio Arts 7
  • Studio Arts 8
  • Studio Art 9
  • Visual Arts: Media Arts 11 (VAMT 11)
  • Visual Arts: Media Arts 12 (VAMT 12)