Junior 1-6 / Academics / Grade 6

Grade 6 Overview

“This school year has been a rewarding experience for students and teachers. The Grade 6 Homeroom teachers had the pleasure of teaching this wonderful group of dynamic, intelligent and humorous individuals and each day provided vibrant and exciting opportunities for learning and growth. Students took om the role of the Junior School leaders this year, and enjoyed helping younger students at the Caring Corner, as Hallway Monitors, as members of Student Council and as House Team Captains. They also enjoyed weekly activities with their Grade 1 buddy classes and acted as role models for their young friends. Any time there was volunteer work to be done, the Grade 6 team stepped up to the plate to get as involved in our school community as possible. The year presented itself with many engaging units of study, and students exercised their creative and critical thinking skills in their Science Fair Experiments, their King Arthur Quests, writing creative essays, and performing a multitude of math games and activities. The Grade 6s learned how to prepare for exams, manage stress, build solid friendships, create positive personas, and voice their opinions by standing up for what is right both in our community and as global citizens. This extraordinary year was made complete with an unforgettable Horizon’s trip, where students slept under the watchful eyes of Beluga Whales at the aquarium and visited Science World in Vancouver. They also traveled to our province’s capital where they proudly represented Aberdeen Hall at the Legislative Assembly Building, the Royal B.C. Museum and the Bug Zoo. Students and teachers bonded over many exiting experiences in Vancouver and Victoria in June and made memories to last a lifetime.”

-Grade 6 Homeroom Teachers