Welcome to Aberdeen Hall
Preparatory School
Kelowna, British Columbia

Aberdeen Hall has a strong relationship with our parents and partners, and we provide an excellent educational experience for their children. We have built the school around the following core principles: 

Teaching Excellence


Inspiring Futures


Shaping Character


Our specialized teachers are passionate about education and our students.  We offer a unique global curriculum; that includes daily core instruction starting in Kindergarten, has classes in French, and has regular music and physical education.  Our goal is to guide our students to focus on and master the core skills of reading, writing and arithmetic along with developing a true appreciation of the arts, health and character education.

We take pride in a community setting where we recognize and meet the student´s individual needs with small class sizes and personal attention.  Every student is respected and valued at Aberdeen Hall.

We encourage you to visit our campus, walk the halls, and meet our students and staff.  We look forward to meeting you!

Aberdeen Hall Kelowna Private School


3 years +



5 years +


Junior School

Grade 1-5


Middle School

Grade 6-8


Senior School

Grade 9-12


Latest news

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I was invited to San Francisco earlier this month to become certified as an instructor in a course called “Innovative Thinking". I also spent a day with innovation guru John Kao, whose company called Edgemakers provides the Innovative Thinking course.

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Strategic Plan

Welcome Back 2018

For the past 10 years or so, it has been with delight that I have watched the students arrive to see a new addition of one sort or another all ready for them to explore. Most often it has been in the form of bricks and mortar. Yes, - beautiful new facilities for them to enjoy. In particular, it was great to observe our...

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​"It Is What You Make It!"

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