Junior Athletics Program

Aberdeen Hall offers a rich variety of athletics through our Junior School Athletics Program, customized for children from Kindergarten to Grade 5.

The emphasis of our program is on skill development and sportsmanship. Students are encouraged to be both physically and mentally active in order to develop a foundation for lifelong skills and values; including the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Our Junior Athletics Program includes a variety of competitive opportunities against other schools in the Okanagan Valley, and in the Independent Schools Association of BC (ISABC). Participation is encouraged and indeed, expected. Aberdeen Hall wants students to understand that effort, sportsmanship and citizenship are values that exceed the outcome of the game.

Junior School Physical Education

Students receive daily core instruction in physical education with the following goals in mind:

  • Daily physical activity enables us to practice skillful movement and helps us develop personal fitness and all aspects of our well-being.
  • Knowing what we enjoy doing and knowing about our opportunities to participate in those activities helps us develop our fitness and a healthy active lifestyle.
  • Understanding ourselves and the various aspects of health helps us develop a balanced lifestyle.
  • Healthy choices influence our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
  • Developing healthy relationships with a variety of individuals as well as our community helps us feel connected, supported, and valued.

Students also participate in a variety of physical education field trips in and around the
community such as swimming lessons at the YMCA/H20 Centre and ice-skating at Rutland Arena.

AdmissionsApplications to Aberdeen Hall are accepted year round and are increasingly competitive.

At Aberdeen Hall, we seek to admit well-rounded students who choose to be at our school. We are looking for students who demonstrate leadership through academic performance, involvement in co-curricular activities and civic engagement. We care about our students and seek those who value education and are prepared to enrich our incredible school community.