Each day, our talented, inspiring, and enthusiastic faculty fulfill our promise of individualized attention with a 'small school' feel.

This enables a learning environment where every student can be recognized and supported. We’re proud that our faculty are highly trained in many specialized areas.

Senior Leadership Team

Christopher Grieve

Head of School
[email protected]

Grant Ozechowsky

High School Principal, Deputy Head
[email protected]

Lisa White

Director of Finance & Human Resources
[email protected]

Paul Bienvenu

Middle School Principal
[email protected]

Heather Nolan-Wood

High School Vice Principal
[email protected]

Michael Chobot

Junior School Principal

Leadership Team, Directors and Curriculum Leaders

Lindsay Grieve

Director of Operations
[email protected]

Stephen Acree

High School Vice Principal, University Guidance
[email protected]

Laura Hazeldine

Junior School Vice Principal
[email protected]

Tiffani Weaver

Director of Preschool - Maternity Leave
[email protected]

Christina Ullyot

Director of Admissions - Maternity Leave
[email protected]

Crystal Kolodziej

Director of Student Events and Head of School Assistant
[email protected]

Erin Jones

Director of Communications and Marketing
[email protected]

Candie Fraczyk

Preschool Coordinator
[email protected]

Derek Cutler

Grade 9 & Director of Educational Technology
[email protected]

John Gareau

Senior School Director of Athletics
[email protected]

Brianne Niles

Middle School Vice-Principal - Maternity Leave
[email protected]

Tom Stinson

Director of Performing Arts
[email protected]

Alli McCabe

Senior Accountant
[email protected]

Kylee Wilson

Development Officer
[email protected]

Jennifer Galli

Director of Development
[email protected]

Justin Drummond

Middle School Vice Principal
[email protected]

Andrea Kwong

[email protected]

You can email any employee you wish to contact by using the following format:

[email protected]

You are also welcome to contact us at [email protected] for further information.

AdmissionsApplications to Aberdeen Hall are accepted year round and are increasingly competitive.

At Aberdeen Hall, we seek to admit well-rounded students who choose to be at our school. We are looking for students who demonstrate leadership through academic performance, involvement in co-curricular activities and civic engagement. We care about our students and seek those who value education and are prepared to enrich our incredible school community.