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Each day, our talented, inspiring, and enthusiastic faculty fulfill our promise of individualized attention with a 'small school' feel. This enables a learning environment where every student can be recognized and supported. We’re proud that our faculty are highly trained in many specialized areas.

Chris Grieve Aberdeen Hall

Chris Grieve

Head of School

Mr. Grieve has devoted his entire career to education; he has worked as a teacher, Principal and Hea...

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Grant Ozechowsky Aberdeen Hall

Grant Ozechowsky

High School Principal, Deputy Head

After completing his Undergraduate Degree in English and History at the University of Western Ontari...

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Elaine Crebo Aberdeen Hall

Elaine Crebo

International Coordinator

Ms. Crebo completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Regina and earned Master’s degree...

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Stephen Acree Aberdeen Hall

Stephen Acree

High School Vice Principal, University Guidance

Mr. Acree holds two Bachelor degrees; the first in Theology from Briercrest Schools, and the second ...

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Ashley Bryden Aberdeen Hall

Ashley Bryden

Middle School Principal

Ms. Bryden graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics as well as a Bachelor of Education sp...

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John Gareau Aberdeen Hall

John Gareau

Senior School Director of Athletics

Mr. Gareau is a graduate of the University of Victoria, specializing in Physical Education. He start...

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Jaime Hill Aberdeen Hall

Jaime Hill

High School Vice Principal

Mrs. Hill obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree with a major in Biology from UBC-O in 2009 and fin...

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Crystal Kolodziej Aberdeen Hall

Crystal Kolodziej

HOS Asst & Director of Parent Communications


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Marisa Williams Aberdeen Hall

Marisa Williams

Administrative Technician - On Maternity

Mrs. Williams enjoys seeing the many friendly faces at Aberdeen Hall everyday and is so happy to be ...

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Amy Splinter Aberdeen Hall

Amy Splinter

Director of Senior School Resource

After receiving an Undergraduate degree in Honors Psychology at the University of Western Ontario, M...

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Julia Schram Aberdeen Hall

Julia Schram

Junior Resource

Mrs. Schram was born and raised in Rhodesia, (now Zimbabwe). She attended the University of Cape Tow...

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Madelaine Nichvalodoff Aberdeen Hall

Madelaine Nichvalodoff

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Nichvalodoff is a graduate of The College of New Caledonia, Early Childhood Education Program i...

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Tiffani Weaver Aberdeen Hall

Tiffani Weaver

Assistant Director of Preschool

Shortly after completing her Early Childhood Education in Vancouver at Vancouver Career College Ms. ...

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Scott Twigg Aberdeen Hall

Scott Twigg

Grade 5 Teacher

Mr. Twigg completed his education at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, finishing with...

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Jessica Neathway Aberdeen Hall

Jessica Neathway

Grade 4 Teacher - On Maternity

Mrs. Neathway graduated from Thompson Rivers University with a Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Engl...

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Jasmine Scherz Aberdeen Hall

Jasmine Scherz

Grade 2 Teacher

Mrs. Scherz received her Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver....

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Shawn Spendlove Aberdeen Hall

Shawn Spendlove

Grade 2 Teacher

Mr. Spendlove is new to Kelowna in 2015. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Universi...

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Christina Ullyot Aberdeen Hall

Christina Ullyot

Director of Admissions

Mrs. Ullyot graduated from the University of British Columbia-Okanagan with a Bachelor of Education ...

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Meghan Dunn Aberdeen Hall

Meghan Dunn

Grade 6 Homeroom, Middle School Humanities

Ms. Dunn is a graduate of the University of British Columbia-Okanagan, and holds a Bachelor of Educa...

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Reagan Church Aberdeen Hall

Reagan Church

Grade 4 Teacher

Ms. Church received her Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria, specializing in Histo...

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Hayley Twigg Aberdeen Hall

Hayley Twigg

Grade 5 Teacher

Hayley attended Kwantlen Polytechnic University for her Bachelor of Arts Degree with a minor in Psyc...

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Daphne O'Sullivan Aberdeen Hall

Daphne O'Sullivan

Grade 5 Teacher

Mrs. O’Sullivan joined the Aberdeen Hall faculty after eighteen years at The Glenfir School, an inde...

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Taylor Verboom Aberdeen Hall

Taylor Verboom

Jr School Applied Design, Skill & Technology Coordinator

Mr. Verboom graduated from the University of Victoria with a Bachelor of Education. He received a Ge...

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Lindsey Beerstra Aberdeen Hall

Lindsey Beerstra

Senior School Resource

Mrs. Beerstra holds a professional teaching certificate and Bachelor of Science Degree from the Univ...

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Kelsey Chase-Hassell Aberdeen Hall

Kelsey Chase-Hassell

Grade 3 Teacher

Mrs. Chase is a graduate from the Elementary Teacher Education program from the University of Britis...

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Laura Hazeldine Aberdeen Hall

Laura Hazeldine

Junior School Vice Principal

Ms. Hazeldine holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters in Physical E...

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Dr. Barbara Hofmann Aberdeen Hall

Dr. Barbara Hofmann

Senior School Science

Dr. Hofmann completed a Bachelor of Education, specializing in Science, from the University of Briti...

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Jennifer St. Jean Aberdeen Hall

Jennifer St. Jean

Grade 7 Homeroom, Middle School English

Mrs. St. Jean is originally from Vancouver, BC, but hasn’t looked back since moving to Kelowna in 20...

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Ken Mulleny Aberdeen Hall

Ken Mulleny

Grade 9-12 Advisory, Senior School Mathematics

Mr. Mulleny moved to Kelowna in 2011 after working 20 years teaching in the Lower Mainland, East Koo...

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Bradie Cunningham Aberdeen Hall

Bradie Cunningham

Grade 8 Homeroom, Senior School Science & Math

Miss Cunningham grew up in a small town in central Alberta. She received her honours BSc. from the U...

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Nathan Cutler Aberdeen Hall

Nathan Cutler

Grade 9-12 Advisory, Senior School Guidance & Humanities

Mr. Cutler originally comes from Ontario, where he earned a Specialised Honours BA in history from Y...

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Geoffrey Bosdet Aberdeen Hall

Geoffrey Bosdet

Senior School Science & Technology

Mr. Bosdet comes to us most recently from Crofton House School in Vancouver where he taught Physics ...

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Lauren Cross Aberdeen Hall

Lauren Cross

Grade 9-12 Advisory, Senior School Science & Humanities

Ms. Cross received a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction in Biology and Physical Education and a Bache...

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Tom Stinson Aberdeen Hall

Tom Stinson

Director of Performing Arts

Mr. Stinson studied Classical guitar and Music Composition at Acadia University and has many years o...

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Olivia Walsh Aberdeen Hall

Olivia Walsh

Primary Cello

Ms. Walsh graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Music, specializing in cello p...

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Cam Wilks Aberdeen Hall

Cam Wilks

Music-Percussion and Guitar

Mr. Wilks is a professional musician who also teaches guitar, drums and percussion. He graduated wit...

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Mitchell Howanyk Aberdeen Hall

Mitchell Howanyk

Music Teacher

Mr. Howanyk studied Music Performance at Brandon University and holds his Grade 10 Royal Conservator...

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Jessica Gareau Aberdeen Hall

Jessica Gareau

Junior Resource

Mrs. Gareau is a Certified Education Assistant. She enjoys working with a variety of students and le...

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Braeden Pistawka Aberdeen Hall

Braeden Pistawka

Middle School Vice Principal

Mr. Pistawka was raised here in the Okanagan Valley before he began studying his Bachelor of Science...

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Tamie Rusk Aberdeen Hall

Tamie Rusk

Payroll & Benefits Administrator


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Shari Tambasco Aberdeen Hall

Shari Tambasco

Senior School Art, Digital Media & Design


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Erica Keller Aberdeen Hall

Erica Keller

Junior Resource

Mrs. Keller received her Certified Education Assistant Diploma in 2012 from Okanagan College but has...

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Michael Hooper Aberdeen Hall

Michael Hooper

Grade 9-12 Advisory, Senior School Science & Math

Mr. Hooper was born and raised in Kelowna. He completed a Co-operative Bachelors of Science majoring...

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Lindsay Grieve Aberdeen Hall

Lindsay Grieve

Director of Operations

Lindsay was initially raised in Toronto, and spent her childhood in both Montreal and Toronto. She a...

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Lisa White Aberdeen Hall

Lisa White

Director of Finance & Human Resources

Ms White attended Okanagan College and BCIT in their Business Administration programs with a focus o...

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Alli McCabe Aberdeen Hall

Alli McCabe

Senior Accountant


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Irene Ferguson Aberdeen Hall

Irene Ferguson

Accounting Administrator


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Alyson O'Connor Aberdeen Hall

Alyson O'Connor

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. O’Connor graduated from McGill University in Montreal, Quebec with a Bachelor of Science (Major...

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Elisabeth Everett Aberdeen Hall

Elisabeth Everett

Grade 3 Teacher

Miss Everett graduated from Bishop's University in Lennoxville, Quebec with a Bachelor of Arts (Majo...

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Derek Cutler Aberdeen Hall

Derek Cutler

Grade 9 & Director of Educational Technology

Mr. Cutler graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Evolutionary Ecology from the University of Guelp...

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Kathryn Albright Aberdeen Hall

Kathryn Albright

Junior French K-3

Mme. Albright is a graduate of the University of British Columbia Okanagan in Kelowna. At UBCO, she ...

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Paul Bienvenu Aberdeen Hall

Paul Bienvenu

High School Vice Principal

Mr. Bienvenu studied English and History at the University of Victoria, achieving a Bachelor of Arts...

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Kate McKegney Aberdeen Hall

Kate McKegney

Grade 1 Teacher

Mrs. Mckegney received a Bachelor of Psychology from the University of Waterloo, a Bachelor of Educa...

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Benjamin Brooks Aberdeen Hall

Benjamin Brooks

Grade 9-12 Advisory, Senior School Humanities

Mr. Brooks received a Bachelor of Physical Education from the University of Victoria. He has played ...

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Brent Sharpe Aberdeen Hall

Brent Sharpe

Junior School Performing & Visual Arts Coordinator

Mr. Sharpe hails from the island of Newfoundland and is an accomplished actor, director, and teacher...

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Kelsey Robinson Aberdeen Hall

Kelsey Robinson

Junior Resource - On Maternity

Ms. Robinson is new to the Okanagan. She spent the last year in Puerto Vallarta, teaching grade 4/5 ...

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Holly Corbett Aberdeen Hall

Holly Corbett

Grade 2 Teacher

Ms. Corbett received her Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia – Okanagan. S...

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Amy Wiesenthal Aberdeen Hall

Amy Wiesenthal

Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Wiesenthal graduated from Queen's University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Bachel...

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Brianne Niles Aberdeen Hall

Brianne Niles

Grade 11 & Senior Resource/English - On Maternity

Mrs. Niles completed her Bachelor of Arts at Simon Fraser University with a major in Historical Stud...

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Christian Hill Aberdeen Hall

Christian Hill

Grade 9-12 Advisory, Senior School Science & Math

Mr. Hill completed his university education at UBC Okanagan. Through his time there, he completed a ...

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Julia Watson Aberdeen Hall

Julia Watson


Julia Watson is a prairie-born violinist who received a Bachelor of Arts in Violin Performance from ...

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Carley Bokor Aberdeen Hall

Carley Bokor

Grade 8 Homeroom, Middle School Science and Math

Ms. Bokor graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology as well as a Bachelor of Education spec...

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Jesse Berteig Aberdeen Hall

Jesse Berteig

Grade 9-12 Advisory, Senior School Art & Media

Ms. Berteig completed her Bachelor of Fine Art at Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a maj...

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Alexa Kennedy Aberdeen Hall

Alexa Kennedy

Grade 3 Teacher

Ms. Kennedy was born and raised in Kelowna and graduated from UBC Okanagan with a Bachelor of Educat...

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Tanya Nix Aberdeen Hall

Tanya Nix

Senior School French & Spanish

Mrs. Nix graduated from Lakehead University with a Bachelor of Arts in French, with a minor in Engli...

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Roberto Signoroni Aberdeen Hall

Roberto Signoroni

Senior School PE

Mr. Roberto Signoroni joins us with eight years of experience as a Director of Athletics and Physica...

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Casey Turnpenny Aberdeen Hall

Casey Turnpenny

Junior School Principal

Ms. Turnpenny has fourteen years of experience working exclusively in independent schools as both a ...

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Becky Baker Aberdeen Hall

Becky Baker

Kindergarten Teacher

Ms. Baker has recently emigrated to Canada after an extended period of travel around SE Asia and Aus...

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Connor Pilling Aberdeen Hall

Connor Pilling

Grade 6 Homeroom, Middle School, Science, Math & Tech

Mr. Pilling obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours in Astrophysics from UofC in 2014. ...

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Holly Hobbs Aberdeen Hall

Holly Hobbs

Preschool Teacher

In 1996 Ms. Hobbs graduated from Kwantlen Polytechnic University with her Diploma in Early Childhood...

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Patti O'Hara Aberdeen Hall

Patti O'Hara

Accounting Administrator


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Jill Christensen Aberdeen Hall

Jill Christensen

Grade 9-12 Advisory, Flex Coordinator

Ms. Christensen moved from Winnipeg in 2015. She received a Bachelor of Science with Distinction in ...

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Kelly Browning Aberdeen Hall

Kelly Browning

Junior French

Mme. Browning is a graduate of McGill University where she spent 5 years in the French city of Montr...

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Cherie Wise Aberdeen Hall

Cherie Wise

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Wise graduated in 1999 from the Early Childhood Program at Langley College.  At this time she wa...

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Alyssa Voitic Aberdeen Hall

Alyssa Voitic

Grade 1 Teacher

Ms. Voitic went to UBC Okanagan and graduated with a Bachelor of Education. Following graduation, sh...

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Jen Procé  Aberdeen Hall

Jen Procé

Grade 5 Teacher

Ms. Procé (pro-say)  grew up in Coldstream, BC as the youngest child in a family of 8 and has wanted...

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Rhonda Wynsouw Aberdeen Hall

Rhonda Wynsouw

Accounting Administrator


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Rachael Soukoroff Aberdeen Hall

Rachael Soukoroff

Grade 6 Homeroom, Middle School French & PE

Ms. Soukoroff is a graduate of the University of Calgary, where she completed a five year concurrent...

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Akasha Bopp Aberdeen Hall

Akasha Bopp

Grade 9-12 Advisory, Senior School Humanities


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George Smalldridge Aberdeen Hall

George Smalldridge

Junior School PE

Born in Bristol, England, Mr. Smalldridge moved to Canada in 2012 at the age of 16. After graduating...

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Jeremy Lewis Aberdeen Hall

Jeremy Lewis

Senior Resource

Mr. Lewis received both his Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and his Bachelor of Education from th...

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Becca Nydr Aberdeen Hall

Becca Nydr

School Counselor

Mrs. Nydr grew up by the ocean in North Vancouver. She studied at the University of Guelph in Ontari...

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Rebecca Glen Aberdeen Hall

Rebecca Glen

Preschool Teacher

Mrs. Glen is a graduate of Pacific Rim Early Childhood Education Institute and obtained her Montesso...

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Michelle Rentke Aberdeen Hall

Michelle Rentke

Food Services Manager

Michelle holds a Degree in Applied Nutrition, a Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and a Bac...

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Erin Jones Aberdeen Hall

Erin Jones

Director of Publications and Social Media

Ms. Jones graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. She has o...

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Natasha Wood Aberdeen Hall

Natasha Wood

Preschool Teacher

Natasha Wood is an Early Childhood Educator, Special Needs Educator and Infant and Toddler Educator....

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Candie Fraczyk Aberdeen Hall

Candie Fraczyk

Preschool Teacher

Ms. Fraczyk enrolled her daughter in a Montessori preschool program in 2006 and became instantly int...

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Cassandra McFarland Aberdeen Hall

Cassandra McFarland

Events & Development Manager

Ms. McFarland is a graduate of Okanagan College, having recently completed the Bachelor of Business ...

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Alex Jackman Aberdeen Hall

Alex Jackman

Grade 7 Homeroom, Senior Financial Literacy, Middle School PE and Humanities

Mr. Jackman was born in England and raised in New Zealand, and joined Aberdeen Hall after emigrating...

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