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My 2 children just love attending school! I knew that Aberdeen Hall would be different, but I had no idea it would have such a positive impact on my children. They really enjoy the enriched academics, music, arts, stunning new campus – and many new friendships. It feels great to see my children achieving so much while they build their confidence and real world knowledge (Mother, Junior School)

If you care about your children’s education; this is the school for you. From top notch educators, to a wide variety of unique offerings, and individual classroom attention, your child is guaranteed excellent opportunities, self-discovery, and the best preparation for their future (Father, Senior School)

As a mom, I want the best for my kids – and Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School delivers. Not only is it a great place for our kids, but they’ve also been so welcoming to our family, and we feel like part of the school community. Find out for yourself, stop by for a tour and see the amazing campus! We all want the best for our kids; Aberdeen Hall offers that and so much more (Mother of 3 Aberdeen Students)

My wife and I had some misconceptions about what private school would be like. After a tour of the campus and meeting some teachers and students, we were amazed! Aberdeen Hall is a fantastic place. Our kids moved over from public school and we have seen a really positive change in their academic knowledge and skills. Their confidence has risen too and they now have newfound ability to express themselves. I think the teachers and small class sizes make a big difference. We couldn’t be happier. (Father of 2 Aberdeen Students)

我们是Aberdeen 高中10年级学生Jessica的父母, 上个月的一天,我们收到一个令人振奋的消息,Jessica作为第一小提琴手被奥卡诺根青年交响乐团录取了,我们为Jessica的表现感到惊讶和自豪。Jessica从小对小提琴感兴趣,并陆续练习了近十年,Aberdeen给了杰西卡在才艺方面展示的机会。我们非常感谢Aberdeen对Jessica的支持和帮助,让她在成长过程通过自己的努力不断收获成功和快乐,期待Jessica能给我们更多的惊喜,祝愿Aberdeen涌现出更多优秀出色的学生! Jiong Cai