February 19, 2021The Next Generation - Featuring Kadin Lough-Morelli

How long have you been a student at Aberdeen Hall?

This is my sixth year at Aberdeen Hall. 2020 has been a year of transition in many ways.

How do you feel you’ve personally changed or grown over the last year?

Personally I’ve grown in my understanding of what people need in life and how I can help them achieve it. In this last year, more than ever, people have needed community and others around them who can be empathetic and supportive when they are going through something difficult. I strive to be someone that people feel safe with and can confide in, and I make myself available to help them to get through whatever hard times they are having.

What changes have you seen in society as a whole that you think are a result of the political and social upheaval we’ve experienced this year?

Everyone in the world had to change their lifestyle at least a little this year, due to one of the many different situations we have faced. One of the changes in society I’ve noticed is the growing consideration many people now have for others with regards to health restrictions, race, age, and various other differences they may have previously unintentionally overlooked. It’s inspiring to see that the world and our communities have come together, grown stronger, and started to fix the things that were previously broken in our society.

How can we as a school ensure that we are doing all we can do to transform and grow along with the changing times?

One of the key things to remember is that students need to be heard. I understand when measures are put in place for our best interest, and yes of course many of them are necessary, but it’s important to ask the student body what they think is needed to make sure everyone is comfortable in their learning environment.

What do you think are the major challenges the world will be facing over the next five years?

I think that due to the effects of Covid-19 many things have been brought to light about our society that were not apparent before. Things like mass discrimination and implicit bias are so ingrained in our society that they have existed outside many of our conscious awareness. However, these biases are real, that has really been brought to light this year, and I think we are more aware of our own biases than ever before. Because of this, I think there are going to be many changes to our political system and our social structures over the next five years to overcome these adversities.

Speaking of the future, what are your post-secondary plans?

Right now I am in the middle of finishing my applications to a couple of larger schools, such as the University of Toronto, The University of Waterloo, and the University of British Columbia. I’m also looking into the possibility of playing post-secondary basketball at a few smaller universities and colleges in BC. I would complete a transfer program of some sort so that I could play a few years of post-secondary basketball before moving onto one of the larger universities mentioned to complete my engineering degree. Either way, I plan on going into engineering and later specializing in architecture and design as well.

What are your career aspirations? How do you see yourself contributing to your community?

After post-secondary I plan on finding a career within the realm of architectural design and structural engineering. I hope to contribute to my community through coaching, like many of my mentors have, or through volunteering in other ways.

Do you have any words of wisdom for future AHPS grads?

My only advice is not to stress too much about your future. I know it’s a hard ask and trust me I stress all the time, but don’t waste your time thinking about every little aspect of your life, and every little way it can go wrong. Apply to your universities or colleges or whatever it is for you, set yourself up for success, and give yourself as many options as possible when deciding how you are going to live your life. Once you close a door it’s hard to open it back up, and you never know when you’re going to want to completely change your direction and go through a different door.

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