June 29, 2021Learning from our Alumni

"I think the success of any school can be measured by the contribution the alumni make to our national life."
- John F. Kennedy

Aberdeen Hall is graduating its eighth class, and it’s hard to believe that the years have rolled by so quickly. From our class of 14 students in 2014 to this year’s class of 53 graduates, we’ve grown in many ways, and not simply in class size. One of the greatest resources in our maturation? Our alumni!

Within the ranks of our alumni we have entrepreneurs, accountants, and builders. We have alumni training to be doctors, engineers, and lawyers. Futures in the tech industry are bright, as we have alumni training in video game design, animation, computer science, and more. Renowned fine arts institutions have Aberdeen Hall alumni within their ranks. And alumni continue to embrace the humanities as they prepare to become influential leaders in our society. From Ivy League and other American universities, to excellent institutions across Canada, to other international universities in the UK and Asia, our alumni are spreading around the globe. The diversity of studies is exciting and affirms the many paths available to our graduates.

It is an honour and a very educational experience to work with our phenomenal graduates. As they progress through high school and into post-secondary institutions, our graduates become our eyes and ears in the postsecondary world and ultimately are creating a growing network in the professional world. John F. Kennedy said, “I think the success of any school can be measured by the contribution the alumni make to our national life.” With the growing international nature of our alumni, I’d amend that statement to include “international”. The fact of the matter is that we are on the cusp of witnessing our alumni influence our world in significant ways. While learning is lifelong, formal schooling has led or is soon to lead many of our graduates into employment, into careers, and into influential positions. The many years of hard work in education pays off, and I for one am incredibly excited to engage with our alumni as they follow their paths to a rewarding future. 

And so I know that our alumni are one of our greatest resources. We need our alumni to help guide Aberdeen Hall, to lead the way into an ever-changing educational and professional world. I learn from the experiences that our alumni have, and the conversations that I crave having with them. Our students benefit enormously from interactions with alumni. When we have past graduates into the building to speak with our current students, the connection is incredibly impactful. Our student experience is shaped by the suggestions and feedback of alumni who choose to stay connected, to share their struggles and successes, and who have personal and up-to-date intel to share with us. We listen to our alumni, and we incorporate their wisdom into the plans that we make. Alumni are consistently quoted and referenced in guidance meetings, and our students are eager to learn from them. As somebody who has worked with each of our graduating classes, I call on our alumni to continue this connection and to keep leading our school into a bright and impactful future. I am so very grateful to each of our alumni for their contributions, and I’m incredibly impressed with their achievements. To each of our alumni, I invite you to send me an update, a recommendation, a greeting, and perhaps notice of an intention to visit our current students. Aberdeen Hall supports and celebrates you, and will always be here to help you in any way we can.


By: Stephen Acree, 
Vice-Principal Senior School
University Guidance

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