November 2, 2021What will the Athletics and Wellness Centre Mean to the Athletics Department

As many of you know, our plans and fundraising efforts for the Athletics and Wellness Centre were temporarily paused over the last 18 months so that we could fully support our community members who were impacted by the pandemic. Now, with the encouragement of our families, we are ready once again to re-launch! Helping to re-introduce Phase 6,  we had the opportunity to connect with our very own John Gareau, Senior School Director of Athletics and Laura Hazeldine, Junior School Vice Principal, Student Life and Athletics, and learn more about their excitement for the project. 

In your words, why is this new space necessary for our school?

John: Every school has a beating heart of activities, performances and school spirit - this is what the new gym represents. Whether it is buzzer beater shot or playing your first musical solo in front of a packed gymnasium you can feel the energy vibrating through the room. The new Athletics and Wellness Center will help foster years of memories for the Aberdeen community and bring together the past, present and future of Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School. 

Laura: This space is necessary to continue to build upon the amazing community that exists here at Aberdeen. Additionally, it will expand our physical space for team practices, games, assemblies and various school-wide events.

In your opinion, what is the future of athletics at Aberdeen Hall?

Laura: The future of AH athletics is very bright! We have some incredibly talented young athletes, and our coaches are looking forward to continuing to build upon their foundational skill sets. There are definitely many banners and pennants in Aberdeen's future.

John: The AH Athletics Department strives to provide an exceptional sporting experience for every athlete in the school, through training, competition and character building. Having a new training facility helps us to continue and build upon this goal. The improved training venue will increase court time for teaching, coaching and practicing and this provides the time that students need to master their skills to perform at their highest level.

Why do the athletes at AH inspire you?

Laura: AH's athletes are resilient and take their role as student-athletes very seriously. They are committed to their studies and committed to their sport. They are hardworking, determined and demonstrate excellent sportsmanship. They are definitely inspirational young humans.

What do you think the first day in the new Athletics and Wellness Centre will be like?

Laura: The first day in the new Athletics and Wellness Centre will be ELECTRIC!! "Eye of the Tiger" is playing and the air is abuzz. There is chatter, laughter, and students looking around saying, "Wow!" Students are smiling (beaming even) and talking about how fortunate we all are to have such a beautiful new space.

John: The new Athletic and Wellness Center not only showcases our students but it also increases spectator experience. From the roar of the crowd, to the quiet moments on Remembrance Day, to hosting pep rallies and large tournaments the gym will open the door to school and community gatherings that build school history and school spirit. On the opening day of the new facility we hear the shuffle of bodies in the stands and the ringing of the students' excitement. The lights are down and the music plays. The spotlight is on! Welcome to the home of the Gryphons!

Thank you for allowing us to spotlight you, John and Laura! We are proud to deliver robust athletic programming and are thrilled to add a state of the art facility to our inspiring campus. Our school has achieved so much in partnership with our families and Phase 6 will be no exception.


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