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Get to know Aberdeen Hall

Welcome to the Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School website. We care about our students and seek students who value education and are prepared to enrich our incredible school community.

We encourage families to browse through our website and contact us for more information or to book a tour! We look forward to meeting you!

Why you should attend Aberdeen Hall?

At Aberdeen Hall, students are a part of a community that is committed to excellence in academics, athletics and the arts. Students encourage and challenge each other in a supportive environment and are not afraid to put forth their best effort at school.

At Aberdeen Hall students are taught the skills and habits that will not only help them succeed in High School, but also in university or work force. Teachers devote class time to teaching students how to set personal goals, manage their time, and organize their responsibilities.

Our classes have a low teacher to student ratio. This means students can have more personal attention from their teachers, getting answers to their questions, and one-on-one assistance.

Not everyone learns the same way. At Aberdeen Hall our teachers are devoted to designing lessons that meet the individual needs of each student. This helps students gain confidence, and master course material.

Being involved in school performances, productions and sports teams can be an integral part of a student’s school experience. At Aberdeen Hall every student is encouraged to take part in interscholastic sport. Further, our drama and music departments produce plays, musicals and recitals that allow everyone the opportunity to shine on stage.

Navigating the routes and requirements for post secondary admission can be complicated and confusing. Our students are provided in-class instruction, and one-on-one guidance in this area. This allows our students to feel less anxious about where they might be heading, and to set appropriate goals for the future.

One of our greatest assets is our teaching faculty. Each instructor is highly qualified in his/her area of expertise, and they are also extremely dedicated to their craft. They take pride in knowing their students and will take the time to alter their lessons, tutor or design extension materials to help all students excel.

Parents, students and teachers form a powerful team when they communicate effectively. At Aberdeen Hall, teachers are always accessible via email or telephone. Face-to-face meetings are encouraged, and course material is available via the Web. If students or parents have questions or concerns, they are addressed swiftly.

Every year students participate in a week-long adventure. These highly anticipated trips range from sea kayaking and winter camping, to touring New York and skating on the Ottawa canal.

Students at Aberdeen Hall learn the benefits of being involved in their community. Class time is devoted to a wide array of activities that help young men and women grow into contributing adults.

Our school is an inclusive community. Our student Spirit Council is very engaged, designing school dances, special days and spirit events that help build school pride and positive peer relationships.

Why Aberdeen Hall?

Excellent Academics

A broad, balanced and enriched curriculum. Through the expertise of our dedicated and talented teachers,…


Partnership with Parents – Parent Guild

Aberdeen Hall firmly believes that parents should play an active role in their child’s education. Parent/teacher…


Dedicated Staff

The teachers and administration staff ensure every student feels confident, happy and secure. Teachers…


Personal Attention

Enrichment: class differentiation to ensure each student meets their potential.Resource: support to learners…


Creativity & Innovation

Music, drama and visual arts programming starting from Kindergarten. Digital Design Studio offers 3D…


Unique Opportunities

Clubs program, Duke of Edinburgh, and Horizons week.


University Preparatory School

Individualized University Preparation starts in Grade 10.



Inspirational learning environment.



Located in beautiful Kelowna, BC adjacent to the UBC Okanagan campus.