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Testimonials from International Students & Parents

‘Aberdeen Hall provides an excellent studying environment.  First of all, we have really small classes which are usually less than 20 students.  The teachers focus on both creative and percipient thinking. Besides normal assignments, they ask us to make related projects such as doing research, making and presenting power points, brainstorming and creating large posters. Aberdeen Hall is located in a fabulous place.  It is surrounded by mountains and lakes and is by UBCO.  If you have time, you can even go to the UBCO campus for lunch with professors and college students.’ 
- Sylvia, (Hong Kong) International Alumni Aberdeen Hall

“This is my 1st year at Aberdeen Hall and already I’ve felt how tolerant

everyone is to students from different countries. Coming here is the best

choice I’ve ever made.”

– Daniel, (China) Grade 10

“My Canadian family is amazing. They are so kind and treat me like part of their

family. I love having a new little brother;we have fun playing sports in the

neighbourhood park.”

– Yoshi, (Japan), Grade 11

Aberdeen Hall und die Schüler haben mich von Anfang an perfekt aufgenommen und integriert. Die Lehrer haben individuell mit mir gearbeitet und waren immer sehr offen für Fragen. Es gab zahlreiche Sportangebote in und nach dem Unterricht. Auch außerhalb der Schule hat mir das Leben sehr viel Freude bereitet. Meine Gastfamilie hat sehr gut zu mir gepasst und mich stets gut versorgt. Die Gegend um Kelowna ist einzigartig mit ihrer unglaublich schönen Natur. Besonders fasziniert hat mich die Tatsache dass man im Umkreis von 45 Minuten Autofahrt im Sommer bei 30 Grad am Strand liegen und im Winter bei kalten Temperaturen auf der Skipiste stehen kann.

Aberdeen Hall unterrichtet Schüler aus der ganzen Welt, was einem die Chance bietet mehr Kulturen als nur die Kanadische erfahren zu können. Ich persönlich habe zwei sehr gute Freunde, welche aus Ägypten stammen, kennengelernt und besuche diese im Oktober und werde gleichzeitig all meine alten Freunde von der Schule ebenfalls wieder treffen. 

Das Auslandsjahr in Kanada war das schönste in meinem bisherigen Leben und Aberdeen Hall spielte eine sehr große Rolle dabei! 

Max, (Germany), Grade 10

“Identity is not exactly who you are, but instead who you have become. Aberdeen Hall has been the part of my journey towards self-understanding.”

– Taeyi, Korea, AH Graduate








‘I am now studying at Aberdeen Hall Preparatory school which is the best school in BC.  This school provides all kinds of support to students, not only academic but also Sports, Music and the Fine Arts. Here you will have opportunity to show your talents and explore your interests’    

-Rita, (Hong KongAHPS Alumni

‘He came to Aberdeen Hall a boy, He is leaving a man’.

-Antonio Pizutto, father of Tony (Mexico), Grade 12

My favourite experiences at Aberdeen Hall…..are a lot! To begin with, electives are amazing.  So many subjects to choose from such as as robotics and music composition.  I was on the school team for soccer and rugby.  The community is unbelievable at Aberdeen Hall.  Everyone is friendly and easy to talk with.  I have been supported by my teachers by different ways.  Teachers are always asking to come for help whether its after school or at lunch.  Whenever you seek help, you’ll never be let down’.

Omar (Egypt), Grade 11

“I see their smiles, feel their love and am surrounded by their laughter.

Volunteering is an important reminder that we have so much to share

with others.”

– Saree, (Hong Kong), Grade 11 Team Leader

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