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Tuition Fee Schedule

  • Preschool & Daycare
  • Tuition Fee Schedule 2020-2021
    Preschool & Daycare
    5 days/week
    After School Care
    5 days/week
    *Limited placements available
    5 days/week
    *Please note we offer a limited number of half-day placements for 3 year olds based on the readiness visit.

    Payment Policy PRESCHOOL AND GRADE SCHOOL 2020-2021 (1).pdf

  • Kindergarten to Grade 12
  • Tuition Fees 2020- 2021



    Less Government Grant

    Net Tuition Owing for Qualifying Students

















    *Qualifying students are those whose parent(s) are permanent residents of BC or persons with a work permit of one year or longer.

    Payment Policy PRESCHOOL AND GRADE SCHOOL 2020-2021 (1).pdf

  • International
  • International Fee Schedule Includes

    Tuition (2020-2021)





    Family Boarding




    Out of Province


    Ancillary Account: To be held for Bussing & Horizon's Week. 
    Uniform is not included.




    Fees are payable in full upon acceptance. Tuition is non-refundable upon acceptance and confirmation of enrollment

    Payment Policy PRESCHOOL AND GRADE SCHOOL 2020-2021 (1).pdf

  • Application Deadline

    The application deadlines for the 2020-2021 academic year are as follows:

    Preschool - Aberdeen Hall's Preschool Program is at capacity for September 2020 with a large waitpool. Applications for September 2021 will open September 8, 2020.

    Kindergarten to Grade 12- Applications submitted year-round will be considered based on availability.

    Acceptance of Student

    Upon acceptance, a non-refundable enrollment fee of $1,000 per student is required. This deposit will be applied to the tuition charged for the first year attended.

    Sibling Discount

    5% tuition fee discount for those families with two children enrolled, 10% for three children and 15% tuition fee discount for those families with four or more children enrolled.

    Payment Plans*

    Payment Plan

    Date of Payments

    Fee or Discount

    Payment in Full

    Prior to June 01


    Payment in Full

    By August 01

    $100 per student

    3 Payments

    August 01, December 01 and March 01

    $350 per student

    *Payment plans are not available for international students


    There are income tax savings to offset the cost of school fees:

    Tuition for Preschool/Daycare is 100% tax deductible

    There are potential tax savings to offset your School Fees. We encourage you to speak with your accountant regarding these possibilities to see if your specific situation would potentially allow for a deduction of tuition fees, a portion of those fees, or any fees that can or would be associated with Child Care Expense Deductions. Aberdeen Hall does not give any assurances or opinions on the deductibility of tuition fees.

    Scholarships and Bursaries Available

    Scholarships and bursaries may be available to those who qualify following successful enrollment. Please email to begin the Admissions Process. Please note that Scholarships and Bursaries are applicable to students in Kindergarten-Grade 12.

    Provincial Independent School Grant

    The Ministry of Education provides an annual grant for each qualifying student under the Independent School Support Act Grant. To qualify for this provincial grant the parent/guardian of the student must be a citizen of Canada, a landed immigrant who is a permanent resident of British Columbia, or lawfully admitted to Canada and a resident of British Columbia, and the student must attend school a minimum of 105 days between July 1st and May 15th. If the Ministry of Education determines a student does not qualify for the grant the student’s parent/guardian will be billed the difference. Please note the Provincial Independent School Grant is applicable to students in Kindergarten-Grade 12. 

    International / Out-of-Province Fee

    Aberdeen Hall School charges an additional International/Out-of-Province Fee of $3,000. The government of British Columbia provides operating grants to the school for most students enrolled in the School. Parents of students must be British Columbia residents and have Canadian Citizenship, or Landed Immigrant Status, or possess a valid work permit for employment in British Columbia for the grant to be received by the school. The International/Out-of-Province Fee shall apply to parents of students who do not meet these criteria. The grant is applied for by the school and is in addition to the tuition fee. Please note the International/Out-of-Province Fee is applicable to students in Kindergarten-Grade 12. 

    Outstanding Accounts

    If the student fees remain unpaid at the end and/or beginning of any term, as outlined in the Tuition Payment Policy, the student will not be allowed to return to or begin classes until the account has been brought up to date. In the event that an account remains unpaid at the end of the current school year, the student will not be permitted to return to Aberdeen Hall for the following school year until the account is fully paid plus interest based on 5% per annum interest rate.

    Withdrawals and Dismissals

    Students are enrolled for the entire school year with the parents and guardians responsible for payment of the full tuition fees. No portion of fees will be refunded and all unpaid balances are due immediately in the event of the student’s withdrawal or dismissal from the school. Dismissals are in accordance with the school’s determined discipline policy.

    Tuition Coverage

    Tuition fees include costs associated with regular field trips, textbook rentals, and a copy of the yearbook.
    Additional charges will apply for extraordinary field trips (Horizon's Trips), uniform, daily lunch program, instrument rentals, bussing, and some extra-curricular clubs/teams (Earl's Homework Club).