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Preschool & Daycare Overview 

  • Tiffani Weaver: (Assistant Director of Preschool)
  • Susanne Raye: (Junior School Principal)
  • Preschool & Daycare Curriculum
  • Preschool & Daycare Curriculum Overview

    Preschool is a time of rapid growth and development for children aged 3-6. It is an opportunity to impact their holistic development. At Aberdeen Hall we are focused on setting a foundation for their social, emotional and intellectual success for both school and life. Our enhanced, modern Montessori based, instructional programme is taught by certified Early Childhood Educators and dedicated Montessori trained teachers. Our enthusiastic teachers work diligently with our students to establish the groundwork of strong primary literacy and numeracy skills, develop self-esteem and foster a life-long love of learning.

    Our Preschool Programme accepts students that are both 3 and 4 years old. Children applying to Preschool must be at least 3 years old, by December 31 of the year they intend to commence. During the admissions process, we assess the social and emotional readiness of the child to begin preschool. For example a willingness to be independent from parents/guardians and being fully potty-trained are requirements. A visit day in Preschool is scheduled in order to determine readiness. 

    Our sessions run for 3 hours each day, morning or afternoon, 4 or 5 days a week. We operate from the beginning of September to the third week in June. Please note we do not offer drop-in options for Preschool or Daycare. 

    The classroom set-up and Montessori material are designed to allow each child to progress at his/her own rate and for unlimited growth and development specific to each individual’s interests. 

    Favourite things to do:

    • Field trips
    • Weekly Buddy activities with Grade School students
    • Science experiments
    • Weekly Music lessons & exposure to a vast variety of instruments
    • Community building events and fundraisers
    • Nature exploration
    • Around the world festivals and cultural celebrations
    • Performing in the Winter Concert
    • Participation in theme days
    • Guest speakers
    • Parachute play

    What a Typical Day Looks Like:



    8:45 am - 9:00 am

    Drop-off time

    9:00am - 9:30 am

    First Circle Time: Welcome Song, Calendar, Weather, and Show & Tell

    9:30 am – 11:00 am

    Engage in 5 Areas of Montessori, Group Activities and Social Play

    11:00 am – 11:45 pm

    Gross Motor Time: Playground, Trike Riding, Field Activities, Loose Parts Play,

                                   Parachute Play, Relay Races or Nature Walks

    11:45am -12:00 pm

    Pick-up Time


    Our daycare exercises the Learning Through Play philosophy. We facilitate various experiences to promote their social, emotional and cognitive development. During this time the children will engage in imaginative play, nature exploration and find new ways to create and build. Each day the children are provided time to recharge their batteries with independent, quiet activities or a rest break. During the warmer months we spend plenty of time outdoors enjoying fresh air. 

    Daycare is available every day for students attending Preschool, space dependent. The school offers a 4 or 5 day Daycare to parallel the Preschool options. Daycare runs daily from 12:00pm-5:00pm. 


    • Instill a love for learning
    • Freedom for self-directed learning
    • Prepared environment
    • Hands-on material with built in control of error that allows the child to self-direct
    • Normalization: ability to shift to self-discipline independently
    • A non- competitive atmosphere with individualized lesson plans
    • Multi age-groupings, which promote peer teaching and learning 


    • Practical Life activities
    • Sensorial activities
    • Mathematics
    • Language
    • Geography and Culture
    • Science
    • Physical activity
    • Art/Crafts and Music
    • Fun!
  • Preschool & Daycare Tuition
  • Preschool & Daycare Overview & Tuition Fees

    Preschool - Aberdeen Hall's Preschool Programme is at capacity for September 2019. Applications for September 2020 will open September 3, 2019.

    Preschool/Daycare ProgrammesTuition (2019-2020)
    4 day preschool programme AM$5,030
    4 day preschool programme PM$5,030
    5 day preschool programme AM$6,280
    5 day preschool programme (Mon-Thurs PM, Friday AM)
    4 day preschool and 4 day daycare$10,390
    5 day preschool and 5 day daycare$12,990
    * Please note daycare is open from 12:00 noon until 5:00pm. 

    Payment Policy PRESCHOOL 2019-2020.pdf