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Giving At Aberdeen Hall

We all play a critical role in shaping the future of all our students.  Aberdeen Hall is built upon a culture of philanthropy. Our philanthropic community has demonstrated what amazing progress we can accomplish in a short amount of time to enhance the educational opportunities for all Aberdeen Hall students.

Tuition fees only cover operating costs such as salaries, supplies, and fundamental maintenance. A truly great school must rely on support over and above fees if it hopes to maintain a level of excellence and innovation in education. The Annual fund provides Aberdeen Hall with the opportunity to offer program enhancements, purchase new equipment and technology, increase scholarship and bursary options for existing and future students, and improve our exceptional facilities.

Over ten years ago a group of like-minded parents shared a vision to create a genuine independent school experience in the Okanagan. We have since grown to over 600 students, offering excellence in academics, character development, arts and athletics. After 4-Phases of construction, we now have a spectacular 44 acre campus in the scenic Okanagan Valley.

Donate to Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School (Preschool - Grade 6)
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Aberdeen Hall's History of Philanthropy 

Our school sits on 44 acres of generously donated land. A great start to the creation of a philanthropic culture at our school. We have had a small group of extremely generous founding donors who have made the success of Aberdeen Hall possible. They have made transformative gifts that have benefited each Aberdeen Hall family. As we grow, so does that pioneering culture of philanthropy as Aberdeen Hall.

While tuition fees cover the School’s operational costs, charitable gifts afford us the Ability to offer new and upgraded facilities, scholarship and bursaries, and programming enhancements. Together we are building a truly excellent academic experience for all our students, setting them on the road to success in university and beyond.

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If you would like to learn more about how to donate or have any further questions please contact Sean Ayers, Director of Development at: (250) 491-1270 Ext. 138 or email: