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The Aberdeen Hall Experience

The Aberdeen Hall Experience

The Aberdeen Hall Experience

We hope that you agree that the Aberdeen Hall experience is far more than students, teachers, classes and classrooms. The Aberdeen Hall experience has a variety of components and is designed on a number of levels.

A colleague who works in Vancouver likes to sum it up in the following seven words: Enjoyment in Process, and Excellence in Outcome. We work in the people business, and our people include students, parents/guardians, grandparents, faculty, staff and friends of the school.

First and foremost, there are the students. Our unwavering support of an exceptional student experience is at the center of every decision we make. After all, we (teachers, parents and students) share a common goal, and that is to create an educational journey that is rewarding and memorable. The faculty and staff are committed to providing an environment that allows young adults to move on from Aberdeen Hall with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will allow them to be successful and lead happy fulfilling lives.

For parents, we strive to provide numerous meaningful connections to the school experience. In addition to the obvious academic partnership regarding student success, we work diligently to communicate effectively, present educational forums, and include (you) in much of the decision making process.  For this reason, you will notice an increased number of short surveys in the coming months to accurately measure parent opinion on a variety of subjects. 

The newly launched information system MySchool has been well received and we are introducing a new report card system in November. Please feel free to send us your feed back  accordingly at anytime. All constructive comments are reviewed weekly at our Senior Management Team meetings. We greatly value your feedback, especially when your comments are partnered with suggested solutions. This type of feedback really is one of the most effective methods to implement positive change.  

The Board and Administration values its employees greatly and is committed to being an excellent employer. We are pleased that the school has developed a strong reputation in this area and we know that it pays direct dividends for the student and parent. Aberdeen Hall has had virtually zero 'negative' faculty turnover and our team is stronger than ever. 

We have benefited greatly by our spectacular new campus complete with beautiful views and modern buildings. Our facilities team does a wonderful job keeping the grounds immaculate and safe. Parking is and always will be a challenge for us, but I am pleased to report that we have already started a 'parking/drop off improvement plan' for next year.

Another unique added value is our vibrant relationship with UBC. We have approximately 40 families that have parents/siblings working or attending this great university. This has created a tremendous intellectual capital that continues to provide numerous benefits. Some recent benefits include the engineering design course in our high school, the incredible growth of our girls volleyball programme (presently ranked third in the province) and the development of the new boys rugby teams.

On a final note, I would like to thank our many volunteers. Their service has a practical side of assisting with costs etc..., and it builds a tremendous sense of community. Our volunteers serve as excellent role models for the students.

We thank you for your constructive feedback and we ask that you keep it coming. Your comments will always be dealt with in a discreet and professional manner.

With warmest regards,

Chris Grieve

Head of School 

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