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No Mind Left Behind

"No Mind Left Behind"

-Adam Cox

What's the Secret to Success?

"We get to know each child as an individual, find out what he or she needs, and then we do our best to give it to them." -Dana McCauley

Dana McCauley is widely recognized as one of the best principals in North America. This is based primarily on her school's consistent achievement gains in standardized testing. She knows that fulfilling student's needs is very individual, and the institution that does this the best will have students who achieve the most. At Aberdeen Hall, we agree.

In order to continue to be a leader in education, we must constantly review what is current, relevant, and most effective. Our goal is to guard the traditional elements that have been successful, and combine the progressive and innovative practices that will best serve our students for the next stage of learning (and life).

Portrait of an Aberdeen Hall graduate

With this in mind, 17 of our Directors and Curriculum Leaders assembled during winter break to carry out a long-term strategic planning exercise. We reviewed our school's vision, mission, programming and unique features. We discussed our strengths, weaknesses and current trends in education.

We also listed the attributes of an ideal Aberdeen Hall student after the completion of Grades 2, 7 and 12. We considered strategies on how we can provide our students with the required knowledge, skills, and attitudes to have success and become contributing citizens to their respective communities.

An interesting discussion occurred about the tremendous impact the internet and social media has had on our definition of terms such as knowledge and skills. Has the proliferation of information diminished the importance of knowledge? What new skill sets are required to handle the changing landscape? What soft skills are required to flourish in the modern workplace?  How can we best outfit our grads with the right balance of tenacity, grit, resilience, compassion and adaptability? Our world is changing at an accelerated rate, and that can be intimidating and challenging at any age. I certainly get anxious at times!

As we worked through the day one thing was abundantly clear; in order to achieve optimal growth within each and every student, that child needs to feel connected, safe and secure. This includes being part of a special educational community where there are powerful partnerships and synergies. These are evolutionary factors that have developed over tens of thousands of years and aren't about to change anytime soon. The challenge today is to leverage the current techniques and technology.  Our new provincial curriculum is a good starting point and has excellent potential.

Partnership with parents and synergies with UBC

Our strong partnership with parents and synergies with UBC are also crucial factors that we continue to develop. At this point in the process we invite your participation. Please send me comments at and keep an eye out for invitations to upcoming Strategic Planning Open Houses. 

With warmest regards,

Chris Grieve

Head of School 

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