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Elite Yes, Elitist No!

Aberdeen Hall an accessible and inclusive community. 

Having enjoyed almost 20 years in independent education, I have occasionally found myself debating the accessibility of independent schools.  From the inception of Aberdeen Hall, the school’s administration and Board of Directors have designed a school that is accessible to a wide variety of students and families.

A diverse population makes for a healthy population; this includes students with different ethnicities, religions, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. Although, Kelowna can be a rather homogenous city when compared to larger urban centers, we have made real efforts to diversify our population as much as possible. 

This is accomplished, in part, by having a robust Financial Assistance Program that makes our school accessible to a significant number of students/families who otherwise could not afford to be a part of our Aberdeen Hall community.  To ensure consistency, equity and fairness, candidates of the Financial Assistance Program are means tested by the Financial Assistance Committee which is made up of the Head of School, Director of Finance and Director of Admissions. 

By design, Aberdeen Hall is an elite school.

Elite organizations are designed to specialize and create areas of excellence.  Our area of excellence is an environment where we maximize student achievement in a warm and inclusive academic community.  Our goal is to personalize each student’s educational experience.  We know that when students feel connected, their opportunity to excel is maximized. We achieve this by having specialized facilities, programmes and a faculty that is second to none. 

One of our priorities is to consistently and effectively engage and partner with our key constituents, namely our students, parents, grandparents, volunteers, alumni and the community-at-large. 

With opportunity and privilege comes added responsibility.

Being here at Aberdeen Hall is both an opportunity and a privilege.  However, with this comes added responsibility.  We work hard to define and teach this responsibility to our students and ourselves every day.  

Earlier this week I enjoyed talking with the senior students at assembly about equality, trust and respect.  We also touched on the tremendous privilege we have in attending a school like Aberdeen Hall, in a city such as Kelowna in a country like Canada.  Together we have an added responsibility, (in fact almost a duty) to learn how we can give back and contribute to our respective communities.  We discussed manners, respect, following rules, and what it means to be a contributing citizen.  Our school moto refers to this as Shaping Character, and it is our hope that after time spent at Aberdeen Hall, our students will possess certain altruistic qualities that will assist them in leading happy and fulfilling lives.  The opportunity to give back can be a rewarding experience that leads to a positive cycle of energy and goodwill. 

As always, we welcome your feedback. Christopher.grieve@aberdeenhall.com

With warmest regards,

Chris Grieve

Head of School

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