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 The future is a mysterious and exciting place.

Just about everything we do here at Aberdeen Hall revolves around the future of our students. One of my past Directors would often to say:

"We do not see the student of today, but rather we visualize the individual or person he or she will become in the future, and it is our responsibility to take that very seriously."

With regard to the future, there are so many considerations. Think about the accelerated rate of change in areas of information technology (due primarily to the exponentially improving speed of microprocessors). Other factors to contemplate are climate change, clean energy, the looming societal impact of our aging population, artificial intelligence, unpredictable international relations, etc... If you have not heard of IBM's Watson by now, just watch and learn how this data monster will have an impact.    

"The coming decade will see societies transform as humans learn how to live alongside robots."

With life expectancy increasing and international birth rates decreasing, there is a real concern that in parts of the world there will not be enough grandchildren to take care of grandparents and great grandparents. In British Columbia, we are better positioned than many, as for the first time in a while, we will see a steady increase in school-aged children for the next decade or so.

Interestingly enough, in Japan they are observing a skyrocketing increase in occupational injuries due to lifting elderly patients! 

Predicting the future has always been a large scale industry, and strategies for dealing with this accelerated rate of change is big business.

Last week we hosted our first "Future Day at Aberdeen Hall."  During the day we met two distinguished panels and discussed topics such as: 

               * university preparation and strategies for success at university

               * future skill sets (emerging industries)

               * demographics

               * types of work vs types of industries

It sounds a little simplistic, but interestingly enough the overarching theme of the day was the benefit of hard work. Many of the panelists mentioned that work ethic was probably the biggest competitive advantage. Perhaps this was always the case. 

When talking with the admissions counselors at UBC, there was the comment:    

"We find that many of the students today don't have enough bounce (i.e. resiliency), and this might be because they are not facing enough adversity during their developmental years."  

I was both encouraged and impressed by the presentation by our graduates. They counseled our students about effective study habits, maintaining a healthy work-party balance, extra-curricular opportunities, and living conditions in residence and apartments. Their answers were reflective, insightful and compassionate.    

I feel secure with our future in their hands.

With warmest regards,

Chris Grieve 

Head of School

Future Day Professional Panel (left to right)

Ashley Bryden - Teacher and Administrator at Aberdeen Hall Preparatory School

Dr. Homayoun Najjaran - Professor UBCO/Autonomous Robotic Systems Researcher

Charity Gerbrandt - Past Director of Marketing at Disney/High-Tech Consultant

Tyler Bollhorn - Entrepreneur/Stock Market Consultant

Kevin Knight - Entrepreneur/Owner of Knight Auto Group

Aberdeen Hall alumni share their experiences about university (left to right)

Alex, University of McMaster; Gabby, University of Western Ontario; Christian, University of British Columbia; Ali, University of Western Ontario; Alicia, University of Toronto; Nick, UBC Okanagan; Abi, UBC Okanagan; Mackenzie, UBC Okanagan

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