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Welcome Back 2018

Welcome Back 2018

Welcome Back

What an incredible first week!

For the past 10 years or so, it has been with delight that I have watched the students arrive to see a new addition of one sort or another all ready for them to explore. Most often it has been in the form of bricks and mortar.  Yes, - beautiful new facilities for them to enjoy. In particular, it was great to observe our middle school students settle into their new home on the third floor of the Senior Hall. 

The new road network is a welcome addition to the area as it provides considerable relief from the morning traffic. In the next couple of weeks, the city will complete the walking bridge that connects our property to the UBC Health Sciences building. At this time, we will gain more direct access to the UBC campus, as well as, an additional 36 parking stalls at the north end of the school property.

We are also pleased to report that the new athletic dome membrane does an excellent job at keeping the dome cooler, as it is fully insulated and better reflects the hot Okanagan sun.  Mr. John Gareau, our Athletic Director, told me that he was in the dome in the heat of the summer and that it was much more comfortable for playing in.  

Last week, the Grade 9, 10 and 11students travelled to Rock Ridge for a successful and excellent week of outdoor education and team building.  On campus, the Grade 8 class had a memorable sleepover at school after enjoying a movie in our new 140 seat teaching theatre and the 2018-2019 graduates completed a special week of leadership skills.  

Pictured below is a truly outstanding team of faculty and staff.  I have had the good fortune of working at five outstanding independent schools in Ontario and BC, and can tell you that this team's level of enthusiasm, talent and dedication is second to none. 

On behalf of the team, we really hope that the students' first week was both eventful and memorable. 

Chris Grieve

Head of School


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