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Aberdeen Hall COVID 19 Update - March 19, 2020

Aberdeen Hall COVID 19 Update - March 19, 2020

Dear Aberdeen Hall Parents and Students,

We are thinking of everyone during these challenging times and would like to provide you with the following update.

To our knowledge, no Aberdeen Hall parent or student has exhibited Covid 19 symptoms. If this is not the case, please notify us by sending an email to me or the health.hotline@aberdeenhall.com

I was on the phone last night with a parent/physician seeking additional guidance and she asked me to remind parents to actively manage the social distancing of their children, including postponing play dates etc. Mr. Ozechowsky mentioned yesterday that although physical distancing is essential at this time, it is still important to connect socially in safe ways such as phone calls, email, face timing, “zoom” meetings, group chats etc.  We would encourage our families to explore ways like this for connecting.

As mentioned in prior communications, we also ask families to pay special attention to notices and guidance provided by the public health authorities. 

Useful Links 

BC COVID-19 Symptom Self-Assessment Tool

Community-based measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 

BC Centre for Disease Control 

HealthLink BC – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

The Senior Leadership Team and Board Chair met yesterday to discuss communications, our strategies for remote instruction and the delivery of our curriculum.  I also had a video conference “zoom” meeting with other private school Heads from across the country to gather as much relevant information as possible.  

Aberdeen Hall’s plan for Remote Learning starting after the break

As you may be aware, on Tuesday, the BC Ministry of Education announced the indefinite suspension of in-class instruction in BC schools. This means that after spring break, Aberdeen Hall will be teaching our students through remote learning. 

Full-time distance learning provides a unique challenge, and we want to reassure students and families that the school will continue to provide a robust program after the break.  In the next few days, we will be sending an additional update with greater details about our remote teaching plans for the foreseeable future. Our goal is to deliver all of the BC curriculum requirements.  This plan requires a fair amount of professional development, and will take a few weeks to evolve fully. At this point, we are planning on launching our online classes on March 31, 2020.        

Suggestions to help manage in these challenging times.

Some of our parents have indicated that suggestions would be welcome.  We have included the list below for your perusal.

Reach out to those around you who may be isolated. Exercise physical distancing, enhance digital social connection.  

This includes the elderly, neighbours and friends that may not have a spouse.  Phone, email, FaceTime daily to make sure that they are managing, and consider asking if you can do anything for them.  Technology can be very helpful in this way..  

Manage your news and social media intake and create upbeat distractions. 

Take scheduled breaks from social media and the news. Choose books and movies that are fictional, and decidedly upbeat. These might include romantic comedies, the ‘entire’ Star Wars series, or some interesting documentaries.  If the exercise you have chosen is not working, consider selecting another genre. One staff member told me she really enjoys documentaries while her husband’s “go to” is historical fiction.   

Complete projects around the house

Suggestions include cleaning out that closet, organizing the garage, shining your shoes and sharpening your knives.  Wash and wax your car. (My wife has reminded me that I am much better at making lists and starting chores than completing them!)

Go outside and get some exercise 

Practice the required social distancing, but go for family walks and hikes, ride your bike and appreciate the sunshine when possible.  The Okanagan has wonderful and convenient options.  

It is almost gardening season, consider ordering some seeds and bulbs online and planning a new garden space.     

The Center for Disease Control has a good article you may be interested in reading. 


In the next day or two our team will provide a note that will help parents plan activities for their children during the second week of the March break.  

I have attached the latest Ministry of Education update that we received yesterday afternoon.  

We are available by email and willing to address your concerns at virtually anytime.

Aberdeen Hall is and always has been an amazing community, willing to help each other at all times.  Keep your family unit tight and we will work through this together, I know we will.  

Thank you for your ongoing support,

Chris Grieve 
Head of School


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