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We Are Going to Get Through This - A Message from Head of School

We Are Going to Get Through This - A Message from Head of School

Dear Aberdeen Hall Community Members,

How are you doing? How can we help?

At the moment, all of us are dealing with the challenges of isolating, combined with our shared concerns about the future. This isolation is going to take 1-2 months at a minimum, and it is important that we start settling in for what is going to be a heck of a battle.     

Regardless of who we are, each of us will experience moments of strength, and moments of weakness, and this is totally normal. If you feel weak for a moment, don’t be afraid to let yourself feel this way for a little while, and then regroup and/or ask for assistance. When you feel stronger (and you will), think of ways to support others.  

I have received numerous emails and phone calls from parents in our community offering their services and resources. To those of you who have reached out to express your support and lend a hand, thank you. 

Like most of us, I am home with my nuclear family. It is the best place to be. We have each other, plenty of food and drink, wifi, cable and Netflix. We have ‘careful’ walks and bike rides, board games, unread books and plenty of sleep. Remember, our supply chains for medicine, food, clean water, wine, and, yes, paper products are simply untouchable. None of us are going to go without, and we have a responsibility to make sure we are watching out for those less fortunate.   

Last Wednesday, my daughter and wife put together the following notice and taped it to the doors of neighbours on our street.  

We received 2 phone calls later that day from appreciative neighbours, one of which now has us on call if they require something. Well done, Linz and Ali! 

Many of you have recently received a message from the division Principals with some March Break Activity Ideas for students and families. Please feed back openly and we may add to these in coming days. 

AHPS Online Education Information Package for Students and Parents to be distributed midweek.   

The teachers are meeting virtually on Zoom on Tuesday morning to continue to work on the online education programs. Please note, the program is NOT intended to provide additional pressures for students and families, but instead is designed to provide a focus point for continued learning and productive activity. More on this during our midweek notice.  

From Mr. Ozechowsky -- “My hope is to let everyone know that the wellness of our students is at the top of our minds at this time... learning can help students feel connected, inspired and establish some degree of normalcy. We also want our students to know that we have not forgotten them. As we move forward with this initiative, I hope that our families know that we are sensitive to the feelings and emotions of all students and their families. For me, these lessons are essential to student growth and overall wellness, but if they become stressful or contribute to feelings of anxiety at all, let us know and we can make adjustments or provide assistance etc.”

As mentioned, we have a great challenge ahead, and I am up for that challenge. If you need something, or someone to talk to, please contact me directly, and I will do what I can to assist. Please don’t be afraid to ask. Susanne Raye is also also readily available to speak with. Please feel free to contact her directly at susanne.raye@aberdeenhall.com.

We have a powerful community, and are going to work together and get through this. 

With warmest regards,

Chris Grieve

Head of School 

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