Applied Skills & Technology | Aberdeen Hall Senior School | Private High School

High 9-12 / Creative Arts, Applied Skills & Technology / Applied Skills & Technology

Information Technology

This course teaches the fundamental knowledge, skills and attitudes that are required for effective use of computers. Students will learn how to select, organize and modify information to solve problems, and to utilize information technology to communicate and present ideas using a variety of mediums.

  • IT 6 - Introduction to Robotics and Digital Applications
  • IT 7 - Introduction to Robotics and Digital Applications
  • Digital Literacy 8/9

Page Design

Students in Information Page Design (IT) are taught how utilize technology in a proficient and safe manner. Topics of study include internet usage, digital photography, video production, audio production and basic computer awareness.

  • Page Design 9
  • Page Design 10 (YCAIS10B)
  • Page Design 11 (YCAIS11B)
  • Page Design 12 (YCAIS12B)

Creative Digital Pursuits

Students will learn how to utilize modern social media in a responsible and professional manner. Students will learn to design digital campaigns, create and publish digital stories and multi-media creations. The goal of the course is to help students express themselves creatively in digital formats. A major component of this course will involve producing the school yearbook.

  • School Media 10 (YCCT10)
  • School Media 11 (YCCT11)
  • School Media 12 (YCCT12)


These courses focus heavily on computer programming and debugging. Students will be exposed to one or more of the following languages: Java, Javascript, Robot C, Python, and Wiring. Students will construct robots and engage in simulated competition practice. Students will have the opportunity to compete in regional and provincial competitions. Motivated students with required skill set will have the opportunity to work on more advanced projects.

  • IT 6 - Introduction to Robotics and Digital Applications
  • IT 7 - Introduction to Robotics and Digital Applications
  • Robotics 8
  • Competition Robotics 9 (YCAIS10A)
  • Competition Robotics 10 (YCAIS 10A)
  • Robotics Construction and Design 11 – (YCAIS 11A)
  • Robotics Construction and Design 12 – (YCAIS 12A)

Financial Literacy 

Focus is placed on teaching students how to manage their finances. Topics will include making budgets, investing, and entrepreneurial skills.

  • Financial Literacy 10 - YBMO 10A
  • Financial Literacy 11 - YBMO 11A


These courses will incorporate elements of Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurism to provide students with hands-on experiences related to finance. There may be opportunities for students to develop products or services, create marketing plans and potentially operate their own enterprises.

Enterprise 8