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Cornerstones Program

Aberdeen Hall’s Cornerstones Program aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills and experience to become healthy, resilient, and contributing young men and women.

This High School program guides and supports students in developing personal resiliency, leadership qualities and experience, transferable skills for academic and personal success, and a commitment to community.

Lessons, activities, workshops, guest speakers and off-campus experiences provide students with the skills and experiences needed for them to experience success in all areas of their lives and to reach their individual potential.

The Cornerstones Program curriculum and initiatives demonstrate Aberdeen Hall’s commitment to "Teaching Excellence, Inspiring Futures, Shaping Character."

A sampling of our Cornerstones initiatives include:

  • The Gryphon Code: Students who graduate from Aberdeen Hall will have learned the value of integrity and responsibility; the virtue of fairness and respect; and the benefit of excellence and perseverance.
  • The Gryphon Diploma: Achievement of the Gryphon Diploma signifies a student’s accomplishments in the areas of leadership, character, academics, arts and athletics.
  • Midyear and Final Exam Portfolio: All senior students engage in lessons and activities that prepare them for success in exams and beyond. Transferable skills such as time management, mindfulness and study strategies are explicitly taught during subject and homeroom instruction. 
  • Peer Leadership and Mentoring program: Senior students plan and lead multiple mentorship activities for junior students.
  • Post-secondary and Career Planning Instruction: Senior students attend on and off-campus lessons and workshops that explore their personal strengths and goals in relation to post-secondary education and careers.
  • Altruistic events and excursions: All students are involved in selecting, planning and implementing various altruistic events and excursions that are school, community and globally based.